Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Darling Era in Lucky Magazine

 I ended up in this month's Lucky Magazine on page 130 about San Francisco street style featuring plaid. I'm wearing my favorite coat - my grandmothers Pendleton.
Photos by John Tran

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Afternoon project: Winter Spice Donuts filled w/ pastry creme

 This issue of Uppercase had an intriguing donut recipe. I'm always looking for new cooking projects and I haven't made donuts since 4H in elementary school.
 I readied myself with fresh squeezed blood orange juice and prosecco. It just so happens that I really enjoy an afternoon of baking (or frying in this case) and imbibing.
 I had to somehow distract myself from opening this Valentine's gift that was just sitting there, staring at me. It kind of reminds me of this story my grandmother told me about her and my grandfather where she would find her gifts and unwrap them, replace them with gifts of her choosing and then re-wrap them, much to the surprise of my grandfather once it was actually time to unwrap. haha I can't help but love that story, as much as I'm sure it must have aggravated my grandfather.
 Using real vanilla bean in the creme really makes a difference.
 Mixing up the dry ingredients
 Shaping the donuts (I'm not much of a perfectionist in this area).
 Fry 'em up
Dredge them in the spicy sugar mixture and
let them cool off
 Then they're ready for the pastry creme filling. I used this mechanical pastry bag but it wasn't as simple as I suspected so I rigged a regular pastry bag for the rest.
Here's the final product! They turned out tasty, especially with the fresh ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon I used in the sugar coating. I might leave out the creme filling next time, just for the sake of time.

Vintage Valentine

 Sometimes I forget how serious my vintage obsession is. Perhaps that has to do with things being stashed in different rooms and different closets so I can keep myself in denial. But, when I decided to choose an outfit for a Valentine's day party tonight and dinner and a show on Monday, I realized just how many options I had collected.
 Creams, peaches, fuchsias and reds....prints and solids...
 Maybe a sweet 50's print?

 A little fuchsia 60's mini.
 Kitschy and playful.
 My newest acquisition, this one truly has to be seen on in all its form fitting glamour
 and be topped off with fur of course...
 A pretty form-fitting neutral.
 My favorite thing is a low back.
 A daytime Valentine?

I'm leaning towards this one paired with my beloved (and oh so torn up) red cardigan. It just feels like me. Maybe I can get away with wearing boots with this one without looking too 90's grunge. I'll try it out. 
What are you wearing for Valentine's day? It's a fun excuse to get dolled up regardless of plans.
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