Monday, September 20, 2010

An exercise in practicality

I've been doing a lot of research online looking for a suitable bike that I can easily ride all over San Francisco but will still turn some heads.

My yellow Schwinn just doesn't cut it if I actually want to get anywhere (sorry darling, I still love you).

Of course there are endless lovely and expensive single and 3 speed options out there both vintage and new, but I think I would be better off with a full range of gears.

What I really want is one of these:
Simple, stylish, affordable.
1, 2

Sadly, I worry that these aren't as practical as I'd like for getting around in San Francisco and would give me the same issues as my Schwinn.
I found this vintage Puch frame over the weekend (please excuse the blurry iphone photos) that can be built up for me at a pretty good price. I'll be able to accessorize as I see fit and will have a full range of gears. Perhaps with the right details it could become swoon worthy?

It doesn't excite me visually quite as much as some of the fancy Dutch bikes I've been drooling over. But it also won't set me back so much and make me worry every time I park it someplace and leave it unattended.

Balancing the practical and functional with simple good looks perhaps?

Please pass along any thoughts/ideas...

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