Thursday, August 12, 2010

Military Kick

One could say I'm on a military kick this week. This cold summer San Francisco weather has prompted me to break out 2 different pairs of wool military trousers this week.
I'm always trying to balance my personal style with what's appropriate for work and I'd say I'm lucky to be able to be playful with my work attire when everyone else in the office is in a suit and tie.
Now that I'm turning my second bedroom into a large closet, I think it will be easier to come up with interesting outfits.
I'm trying to resist buying this dress from one of my favorite online shops - Portland based le train bleu.
I believe it is a Stop Staring dress whose cuts are extremely flattering and I have a 30% off coupon. Maybe I'll make a deal with myself that if I sell enough dresses at the Alamo Square Flea Market next weekend, I'll treat myself to this one.


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