Monday, August 9, 2010

Culinary Therapy

I seem to have disappeared for a bit!
I've been focusing on getting home situated...more on that later.
Saturday, I gave myself some well-deserved catharsis in the form of an all day baking session.
I set out to make this Fleur de sel caramel chocolate cake.
Half the fun was going to Rainbow Grocery to gather all my ingredients from the bulk bins, like this lovely fleur de sel for the caramel
Who knew how tricky making caramel can be. It took two tries to get mine perfect.
It's also very messy - the apron and rubber shoes came in handy.
I couldn't live without my KitchenAid, a perfect gift from my grandmother years ago.
A glass of elderflower champagne or two later and my cake was complete and ready to take to brunch on Sunday.
Next on my baking list are anisette cookies from the A16 cookbook. I plan to give them away at my Alamo Square Flea Market booth on August 21st.

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