Friday, April 23, 2010

Match the finest words to the greatest tune

You know those bands that are just the right thing for a certain time in your life and seem to stick with you forever? Camera Obscura is one of those bands for me. I think they really got me right after I moved to San Francisco, even though I'd heard them long before. I even once said that if I were to ever have a band, this is what I'd want it to sound like.
It was fitting for me to see them for the first time at the Great American Music Hall, the place I saw my first show in San Francisco and one of my favorite venues.
The show was great, it felt very friends were playing onstage. I adore Tracyanne and you could really tell how much each member enjoyed playing each song. They even played Eighties Fan for the first time on the tour when someone in the audience shouted it out.
The opening band was Best Coast, which I hadn't heard until this week. I think they are one of those bands you really need to see live, their record doesn't seem to do them justice.

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