Monday, March 8, 2010

Atop an Underwood

I often tell people that "I grew up in an antique shop" because growing up I spent almost every weekend at my grandparents antique shop earning spending money by dusting relics from the past. I'm sure this is where my vintage obsession began. 
I started collecting typewriters later on, but living in an apartment in San Francisco does not give me the luxury of space to house each and every one my heart desires. So, when I go to a flea market or shop I'm quick to turn my gaze to whatever old treasure they might have but usually leave empty handed. It was fun wandering through SF MOMA recently to see that they had a whole area devoted to Olivetti typewriters and they have one of the most sought after - The Olivetti Valentine. I was tempted to purchase one at the last vintage expo but might settle for this Ettore Sottsass print instead.

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